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You Can Hang Wallpaper Like A Proffesional.

,The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things..of shoes-and ships-and sealing wax-of cabbages-and Kings. You are perhaps a good fast working painter who just sticks to that side of the trade.

A typical painting job for you would be to move all that heavy furniture and place it carefully in the middle of the room before covering with clean dustsheets. Then you begin all the preparation work,washing down scraping off old wallpapers,filling walls and woodwork then rubbing it down to a smooth finish This is all before

any painting actually begins. You do all the emulsion work(ceilings then prepare all the woodwork,undercoat then add the finish coat ,whatever it may be. When everything is dry you clean-up and wait for the paperhanger. So when ALL the hard work has been done,your once white overalls are now stiff with filler,paint dirt

and dust. NOW because you are unable to do the wallpaper hanging that finishes the job, in comes the Man!!! to a nice clean workplace. His work attire is without a spec of dust let alone paint or dirt and he struts about like a rock star. But!! that is not all when he has woven his magic of hanging some simple wallpaper your Granny could do just as well, the grateful client is brimming with praise and thanks for such a wonderful job he has done. All that hard graft you have put in is quickly

forgotten. The MAN walks out the door with a sky-high reputation and the clients friends falling over each other to offer him loads of work. when he can please fit them into his busy workload. I may be wrong and you may be quiet happy to let things remain as they are, if so don,t let me stop you!! For those more adventurous

souls who are not happy with this state of affairs learning to hang wallpaper to a good standard is not so difficult. Please feel free to visit this site and over the next few weeks I will teach you more than enough to earn a excellent income from hanging wall coverings, by the way my name is Ray and I have had over 40 years as a Painter and decorator in the City of London. I have worked in many very wealthy peoples houses along with hotels such as the Savoy and Hilton, see you soon.